Be Our Guest

Come join us for a relaxing escape into 23,000 acres of scenic groves and vineyards of historical Rancho Guejito. At this family-friendly event, enjoy live music, lawn games, and hayride tours through the ranch while being serenaded by the music of an acoustic guitar. Lunch is on us; we will have gourmet pizzas baked in a wood fire oven. While you picnic, take in the outdoors, sip the afternoon away with refreshments, and host organic wine tastings! Rsvp here.

An ASLA Partnered Event

Spruce & Gander has partnered with our local ASLA Chapter in San Diego to spread the word about our Popup Picnic. The first of its kind will surely become an annual tradition. As a trade show alternative, for those who perhaps can't make it to the ASLA EXPO held in San Francisco, you will view our products firsthand while basking in the sun and connect in person with clients and friends at this incredible outdoor treasure. A client appreciation event. Exclusively for clients, not open to other trades.

A Rich History

Read more about what makes Rancho Guejito so special, or click here for a direct link to our RSVP.

On September 20, 1845, Jose Maria Orozco, a customs agent, boarded his horse-drawn wagon and headed north from Old Town San Diego to what is now Valley Center to claim a piece of land covering three square leagues, approximately 13,298 acres.

In 1845, California was not a part of the United States. It was still a distant province of Mexico. The property was a land grant to Orozco from Pio Pico, the Mexican Provincial Governor.

Pio Pico had handed out similar vast parcels to other friends and patrons. It was one of 800 so-called Mexican Land Grant ranches awarded during a romantic period of history known as the "Days of the Dons." Orozco named the place Rancho Guejito.

Untouched by time, the property has been described as a ranch “that cattlemen see only in their dreams” and a place “where the old west is alive and well.” A rancher who ran cattle on the site for decades declared, “This is where the asphalt ends and the Old West begins.” The ranch has grown over the years from its original historic size of 13,298 acres to approximately 23,000 (36 square miles). The largest single addition came in 1940 when the adjoining Maxcy Vineyard Ranch at 4,500 acres was annexed to Guejito. The most recent acquisition was the purchase of the equally historic 100-acre Rockwood Ranch in 2006. The Rockwood farmhouse, built in the early 1890's by Bernard B. Rockwood, is now the location for Rancho Guejito Vineyard's Tasting room.