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Introduced in 1990 as a complement to our Double Wave trench grate line, the Chinook model features our signature interlocking wave pattern wrapped around a simple band of concentric squares. Since its introduction to the market, Chinook has found a home in the sidewalks of cities from Auburn, WA to Lafayette, IN. This design has inspired plenty of lookalikes, but this is the real deal. Conforms to ADA Accessibility Guidelines. AVAILABLE MATERIALS: 100% Recycled Grey Iron, Ductile Iron, 100% Recycled Aluminum, Silicon Bronze, Nickel Bronze. AVAILABLE FINISHES: Raw Natural Finish, Rust Conditioner (Grey and Ductile Iron Only), Polyester Powder Coat, Liquid Coat (Available upon request), Brush (Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only), Polish (Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only). The Chinook comes in various shapes and sizes. Round: 3'-6", 4', 5', 6'. Square: 3', 3'-6", 4', 5', 5'-4",6'. Combo: 4', 6'. Rectangle: 3'x5', 3'x6', 4'x6', 4'x8'.

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