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Cobra is a composition piece that consists of linear (CO 1100mm length with longitudinal slat alignment and CV 2200mm length with vertical slat alignment), angled (CA-R right-angled and CA-L left angled both with vertical slat alignment) and curved (CR 45° curved with vertical slat alignment) sections. They can be used singularly or configured together. Select hardwood or FSC larch wood. Include your choice of either "empty” supports with threaded rods for inground or "full" supports pre-drilled for surface mount in either powder coated steel or corten steel. If applicable specify standard color or provide 4-digit RAL for powder coated steel. Surface mount: full support only, anchors not included. Inground: empty support only, includes threaded rods for inground. Support notes individual bench: CO 1100mm length (2 supports), CV 2200mm (3 supports), CA-R right-angled and CA-L left-angled (2 straight supports and 1 angled support), CR 45° (3 supports). Support note configured together: only one support needed at each junction. Add option: Anti-Washout treatment is available for corten steel.

Powder Coated
Corten Steel
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