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Pinwheel Drain Cover comes in a variety of materials: It comes standard in 100% Recycled Grey Iron, per ASTM A48 class 35b; Ductile Iron, per ASTM A536, class 65-45-12; 100% Recycled Aluminum, per ASTM B26; Silicon Bronze, per ASTM B26; Nickel Bronze, per ASTM B30. There are also a variety of finishes: The standard is Raw Natural Finish; Rust Conditioner – Grey and Ductile Iron Only; Polyester Powder Coat – Standard color options; Liquid Coat – Available upon request – Please provide paint color number, system number, and manufacturer; Brush – Aluminum, Bronze, and Nickel Bronze Only; Polish – Aluminum, Bronze, and Nickel Bronze Only. It comes in various sizes. Square: 10 3/8", 13.5", 24". Round: 9", 12".

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