blog / 11.05.2019


We gathered our top 10 places to explore and top 5 spots to dine in and around downtown.

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blog / 10.21.2019

It's Personal

We understand, it's personal. Graber Manufacturing, Inc., through their brands Thomas Steele site furnishings and Madrax bike solutions, have a long history of successfully realizing a client’s vision. We’ve been so inspired by The Great Sauk State Trail project that we wanted to share.

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blog / 08.13.2019

Behind the Design: Urban Accessories

Urban Accessories products and foundry was established in 1972. They offer made to order standard and site-specific architectural casted elements using recycled metals.

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blog / 07.26.2019

Detectable Warning Surfaces: Color and Contrast

As a provider of cast iron truncated domes through Spruce & Gander, Inc., we are often told by clients that their understanding is truncated domes must be yellow. There is an ADA regulation about contrast to be aware of when selecting color, however yellow is not your only choice in...

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blog / 06.21.2019

Corten Steel in the Raw, or Not?

Corten steel, also referred to as weathering steel continues to be a popular material for its artistic appeal, warm variated color tones, and strength, with little to no maintenance. Because this live material is very unique, choosing corten steel often requires some thought. Let’s take a closer look at raw...

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blog / 05.13.2019

7 Design Wins for Cast Metal Tree Grates

Much conversation surrounds the material of choice to address an open tree well. There are many factors that influence what is best for a particular site, however cast metal tree grates forged from scrap metal consistently please us as they meet or exceed even the most challenging of circumstances. In...

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blog / 04.23.2019

Bike-Parking Solution: A 5-Step Guide

At Spruce and Gander, Inc., we’ve learned that bike-parking is important for areas that are frequently visited by people on their bikes for both the visitor and the facility. Whether it is mainly occupied by bike commuters or recreational riders, our experience shows that bike-parking solutions help maintain order and...

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blog / 03.22.2019

How to Bring the Water Cooler Effect Outside

A water cooler effect is a phenomenon, occurring when employees at a workplace gather around the office water cooler and chat. It is a synonym for gathering and connecting people in a certain environment

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