blog / 11.22.2021

A time to gather and give thanks

We see a wonderful trend resurfacing to promote community with communal tables. Have you ever noticed that people are more likely to sit with strangers at a communal table? Without much thought at all, it brings people together and still offers safe distancing. We have standard and tailored solutions for...

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blog / 08.12.2021


What you will find in STILE results from Metalco's hard work and invaluable collaborations with architects, designers, and urban planners with whom they share ideas and passions. Many agree that the tactical experience of the printed lookbook is unparallel to the digital experience. So we invite you to unplug and...

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blog / 08.04.2021

Wood Without Worry

Aluminum woodgrain, also known as ‘Wood Without Worry,’ provides the warm look of timber – retained over time – with the minimal maintenance requirements of powder-coated aluminum.

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blog / 07.01.2021

Planter Material, Fair Compare: Steel vs. Aluminum

You’re designing your planters, trying to decide between aluminum and steel. How can you determine which one is more suitable for your project?

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blog / 05.27.2021

Backyard Experiment: A Pop-up Park

60 movable seats. 8 days. 1 location. This short documentary shows how a colorful pop-up park increased foot traffic by 190% in only 8 days. Inspired by the work of US placemaking expert William Whyte, the Backyard Experiment project used time-lapse cameras to observe and learn about people and their...

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blog / 05.13.2021

Street Furniture Australia

It is our pleasure to introduce our partnership with Street Furniture Australia. We're looking forward to introducing you to their fabulous range of site furnishings, tried and tested in harsh weather conditions for the outdoor Aussie lifestyle. Through active research and development, their products put users at the heart of...

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blog / 04.19.2021

A Perfect Partnership ❤

Spruce & Gander, Inc. is now representing Deco Planters, Inc., offering you superior craftsmanship of high-end commercial metal planters, planter walls, retaining walls, and architectural elements all made here in the USA. Now your projects and design ideas that include anything metal can be realized seamlessly along with our entire...

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blog / 05.29.2020

Make it with paper

Urban Accessories has a series of new products on the horizon. In preparation for their release, we'd like to share a new material that I think you're going to appreciate—introducing the use of Richlite.Richlite is durable, versatile, and sustainable. "...Richlite works similar to a dense hardwood and can be easily...

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